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Rosy 로지- bad boy
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i don't love you anymore
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2:25 AM krnb/khh playlist
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  • lifeguru
    lifeguru Hour ago

    this playlist helped me pass a test. yay!

  • Chayma Azz
    Chayma Azz 4 hours ago

    that spirited away part made my heart go uwu

  • Savannah Rose
    Savannah Rose 4 hours ago

    currently stressing to the brim cause well first off im stuck in tropical depression Imelda and my teachers told us everything was still due online at midnight ive been so busy having neighbors at my house cause our house never floods that i havent done any of my work til today and aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Wei7125
    Wei7125 6 hours ago

    Fighting! 13 pages of Math and 2 hours left to do it!

  • Car-Car
    Car-Car 7 hours ago

    Its sad that this playlist, & even the description understands me better than people who say they love me

  • fahad mjrm F4
    fahad mjrm F4 8 hours ago


  • cool digga
    cool digga 10 hours ago

    i love this comment section please respond something nice to me please

  • Cαϝé Nҽɾʋøʂα
    Cαϝé Nҽɾʋøʂα 11 hours ago

    Whats the very first song..? Also, this playlist is lovey. To anyone who's reading this, have an absolutely lovely and happy day♡

  • elijahisme
    elijahisme 13 hours ago

    hi y’all, i create my own lofi music and if anyone wants to check it out i’d appreciate it (: thank u

  • Dylan Duck
    Dylan Duck 14 hours ago

    The past three mornings I woke up with the worst anxiety😂 it hurts like a bitch...

  • cutieluv xio
    cutieluv xio 22 hours ago

    Me and my boyfriend dancing in the kitchen with this mix 😍 rn... 😍 thanks for the mix

  • Notorious
    Notorious 22 hours ago

    Too many ads. Otherwise nice.

    • Notorious
      Notorious Hour ago

      @Hyped how come?

    • Hyped
      Hyped 6 hours ago

      I have no ads, but okay

  • Hannah Elizabeth
    Hannah Elizabeth 23 hours ago

    Best group of people and their comments ♥️

  • cristina
    cristina Day ago

    Almost every comment: you’ll be okay/love the lofi community Me: :)) Me at 4:46- IS DAT BLUE BIRD AAQQSJKQKQ 🤧🤧 WHERE MY SOFT NARUTO STANS AT??! 🥺🥺 🍃🍜🍥🦊💛

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Day ago

    ok so my only advice is take out the "yo yo yo yo" at 2:35

  • niki
    niki Day ago

    first song, im already in love with this playlist

  • ThunderPaw Designs

    Why have adds on tho mate? I got jumpscared from a stupid add about a horror movie in the middle of the chillin.. 😅😢

  • Destiny marie white

    My crush and I had our first kiss listening to this, then my mom walked in.

  • TheDauntlessGirlonFire

    these comments in lofi playlists are why I'm glad to be alive

  • Arina
    Arina Day ago

    Where’s the “please understand I’m trying my hardest” playlist?? 😭 please put it back on

  • hana
    hana Day ago

    fuck I miss her so much.. why does everything have to be this way.. I just want to hold her and sing her the cheesiest love songs and fall asleep while holding her hand and wake up to her still sleeping and draw her over and over again and write her tons of songs and see the sparkle in her eyes when she admires the moon.. why can't I just turn back time and hold on to her more instead of giving up.. now both of us are hurting even more

  • heyitsrabiatul

    i'm ready to fail my finals and disappoint my parents again :)

  • sy4za
    sy4za Day ago

    This playlist had been on loop for so long. For some odd reason, i just. Love it. No questions asked.

  • Emmaniamh13
    Emmaniamh13 Day ago

    Love this!!!! The first few seconds when she covered DEAN I lost my can just chill and groove to this at the same time and that's what I always look for in a playlist! Thank you ^.^

  • Luna Blossom
    Luna Blossom Day ago

    5:00 it sounds like naruto shippuuden opening 5 Hotaru no Hikari xD

  • Adriana B
    Adriana B Day ago


  • Celice
    Celice Day ago

    *taps on a video called "songs to make you feel safe and okay"* *loud youtube ad (literally advertising itself) starts playing* It bothers me that no matter what you're going through, if you look for distraction on the internet, you also have to go through all these annoying ads. Feels like harassment already, since it happens so often and on probably every platform No criticism of this video though, just wanted to rant about how these ads always appear in the most unfitting situations

  • rosalyn redwood

    Thanks my FBI agent!for making this recommended to me knowing how depressed and upset I am these days...

  • Emal Kip
    Emal Kip Day ago

    lofi is cringe

  • Afiqah Nadiah
    Afiqah Nadiah Day ago

    does this song really help? i have a job interview this weekend..but i become so nervous so i cant do anything else... -.-

  • Jun Rosales
    Jun Rosales Day ago

    Blu Swing is more Funk-Jazz than City Pop but it fits well with all the other classics.

  • The epic bob
    The epic bob 2 days ago

    Back in middle school when I was in 7th grade, I had this crush on this guy in my grade. His name was Isaiah. We talked on occasion but nothing close enough to us being close friends or anything. he moved to my school either in 5th or 6th grade (I don’t remember exactly) He was moderately tall and was quite humorous. He always had a way to make me smile no matter what the joke was. Later on throughout the year a rumor was going around that he had a crush on someone. Me being my 7th grade self was curious and asked him upfront about it. He said it was no big deal and that the rumors were fake. I was instantly relieved by this and took his word. But later on about half way though the year he asked out this girl named Lydia. She’s smart and pretty so I understand y he would like her. Although I did get jealous I couldn’t do anything about it, it was all said and done. She said yes and they started dating. About a semester later I was heading down to the middle school gym for a pep rally and I bumped hard into someone. We both were knocked onto our butts instantly. I scraped my elbow and the person I ran into dropped their glasses. I was humiliated. My face was flushed bright red with embarrassment. To kinda make up to the person I bumped into I picked up their glasses that were near my feet and checked to see if they’re scratched or if they were damaged in any way. They had the smallest scratch but nothing serious. I went to hand them back to the person who I ran into and that’s when I seen him. It was like a crap ton of fireworks and butterflies just went nuts in my stomach. I guess u could say it was love at first sight. My face was still bright red as I stared at this guy with stunning red hair and hazel eyes. He gave me a nervous smile and apologized for running into me. He got up dusting himself off and then offered his hand to me. I grabbed his plam and heaved myself off the hallway floor. He then took off bc the pep rally already started. I stood there awestruck not realizing what happened. Then I noticed that I had something in my hands. I opened my palm to reveal his glasses that he dropped when we bumped into each other. I ran toward the direction he went looking for him. He was completely gone. So i stood there with some guys glasses with no idea what his name was and on top of that I was late for the pep rally. So I use my reasoning and go to the pep rally (which btw was awesome) After that was over it was time for us to go home. I’m at my locker and am packing up when I feel a light tap on my shoulder. I sharply turn around to see the guy from earlier right behind me with a shy smile on his face. He asked me if I by chance have seen his glasses and the apologized for not asking sooner for them. I told him it wasn’t a big deal and handed him his glasses. We finally got to introduce ourselves. Ig his name was Tyler and he was a yr older than me. We walked together home (his house was near mine) and we learned a lot about each other. A few yrs passed and I’m a freshman in hs. To my luck my locker was one away from his. I never told him how I felt about him though because I don’t want to ruin our friendship but how we met was kinda like a love story an I right. ^srry that was rlly long but I just rlly wanted to tell y’all a part of my life that I thought held a lot of value.😊

  • Maya Lopez
    Maya Lopez 2 days ago

    i've been with my girlfriend for almost a year and a half now and i still feel all the butterflies in my stomach from when i fell in love with her even before we started dating. i've been waiting on her for the entirety of high school and now it feels like a dream come true. i've known all this time i've just been waiting on my wife 💗

  • WolfieLa Brëŷøññë

    I'm bored, sick, and sad and lofi is really helping me get through this all. I hope that the beautiful stranger reading this is having a good day and if not, make it a good day or night. I love you and I wish for you the best.

  • Farid Faqih
    Farid Faqih 2 days ago

    still remember when we were listening to it, and she really wanted me to hear this song.

  • Matilda's Playlist
    Matilda's Playlist 2 days ago

    fun fact: this was the first lofi mix I've ever listened to. It's been a few years and I'm still hooked.

  • ღAko ღ
    ღAko ღ 2 days ago

    Seeing everyone’s comments make me feel like I’m not alone 🥺 I’m sure we can all get through this.keep your head up..💕 we can do this as long as we try 😔👊

  • Vicky S
    Vicky S 2 days ago

    thank you so much! this track is amazing and so cool and I genuinely appreciate you putting artists into the spotlight!

  • jø Sh
    jø Sh 2 days ago

    HEY YOU STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IMMEDIATELY I love you❤ You're amazing 💞💞

  • Kayz_Playz
    Kayz_Playz 2 days ago

    the image is from cardcaptor sakura the movie XD

  • midnightmoon
    midnightmoon 2 days ago

    Some times when I’m feeling down, I just come to videos like how to looks at everyone’s wholesome comments. Even if y’all are strangers, it’s really nice and cheers me up ❤️

  • Audrey Michelle
    Audrey Michelle 2 days ago

    thankyou so much. this playlist save me from a long period of time when things were hard. this playlist makes me feel really calm and at ease going day by day. I always listen when im in a crowd and feel really relaxed. thankyou ❤️

  • Fahad Hossain
    Fahad Hossain 2 days ago

    Movie: Ocean Waves!! this movie does not have special story or any twist in it But every time i watch this movie, it just brightens my mood!! EVERY TIME!

  • Andreea Raia
    Andreea Raia 2 days ago


  • Jackie B
    Jackie B 2 days ago

    I love anime so much; so aesthetic ~

  • Angel Boitmann
    Angel Boitmann 2 days ago

    We're friends I guess? but we don't talk often... Rarely even. But the moment I saw him again after 2 years, my heart jumped and I stopped breathing for a few seconds. He looked so ethereal, with the way he walks, the way he talks. The way his eyes disappear when he smiles, radiating warmth. It's as if I was watching the sunrise; the light slowly caressing my face with its warm touch. But I know that this is all in my head and he does not give a care about me... Maybe one day when we meet again, perhaps two years from now at a different stage in our lives. Maybe we will meet again then, and I will build up the courage to finally say, "Hey, how are you?". Maybe then, you'd think of me.

  • Michelle Cné Brown

    People will lie to you....Your instincts never will. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Reward yourself for being wise and a prize.

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie 2 days ago

    ........................I don't remember watching this but honestly, I'm not even complaining

  • Andrie's Crafties
    Andrie's Crafties 2 days ago

    idk why but the intro of the first song gives me Kingdom Come vibe.

  • Dont Subscribe
    Dont Subscribe 2 days ago

    I see you. I think of what could be. I want you to be mine. I go after you. I feel rejected, but as I turn away. I see you looking back at me.

  • Lunar Gaming Kitsune

    Me: sleeping... Ad: “LOL DOLL WINTER SURPRIZE!!!!!!!”

  • yesterday dream
    yesterday dream 2 days ago

    i feel safe here

  • Victoria Huynh
    Victoria Huynh 3 days ago

    I remember listening to this last year when I had so much homework to de-stress... looks like I’m back. Expect me here for the next 10 years

  • m i r a c h i
    m i r a c h i 3 days ago

    Anxiety has ruined me I’m only 14 no one cares I tell my parents but they couldn’t give less than a shit about me my siblings are just as worse. My friends I feel are just all fake, I can’t even talk to someone without shaking vigorously because I’m just feared that that first glance or conversation will make that person hate me. I can not afford therapy the only thing I can do when I come home from school is just lock myself in my room and cry the day away I have no interest in things that used to make me happy. I just think of my younger self and just cry because young innocent me never knew I would turn out like this, I’m a failure, a waste of breathe. I’ve been diagnosed with severe anxiety and a heart condition called irrithmia it’s not fatal but it’s scary. anxiety has ruined me I can’t feel anything I’m just here to cry and feel numb. I just trap myself in my room listen to sad songs and cut myself and cry there’s nothing I can do to fix this I’ve just given up. If I die I die I couldn’t care. no one cares about me anyways I wouldn’t be missed at all people would be happy that I’m gone so that they don’t have to deal with my “bullshit” as I’ve been told in the past.

    • stan got7 you hoes
      stan got7 you hoes 2 days ago

      m i r a c h i im glad you feel just a little bit better, dont forget that we’re all rooting for you to feel better so if you feel that what youre doing to feel better is stupid, just think about us 💕

    • m i r a c h i
      m i r a c h i 2 days ago

      stan got7 you hoes I’ll try ❤️ thanks! This at-least made me feel a little better and cheer me up 🥰

    • stan got7 you hoes
      stan got7 you hoes 2 days ago

      m i r a c h i hey i know you have a lot of stuff on your mind right now and its hard to deal with but i just want to let you know that we’ll get through this together, i care about your well being because humans deserve to feel at least okay. its not necessary to be always happy but it is a great feeling, please know that other people and i love you. we’ll guide you through to being okay, just be patient with us, okay? take care of yourself <3

  • Jaime DiChiara
    Jaime DiChiara 3 days ago

    I just stumble across this and I don’t think I can go back

  • jazszmiyne k
    jazszmiyne k 3 days ago


  • sad yeehaw
    sad yeehaw 3 days ago

    Thanks, I needed this after trying to listen to the fitness gram pacer test audio

  • kanga rouxe
    kanga rouxe 3 days ago


  • Kang Min
    Kang Min 3 days ago

    I love your playlists! Congratulations, you have a new subscriber!

  • Chee Rio
    Chee Rio 3 days ago

    Anxious about tomorrow's recits, i still have 2 hours before I wake up. I could really use this as a car playlist. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Slava Dzhus
    Slava Dzhus 3 days ago

    like the picture

  • eilia
    eilia 3 days ago

    thank you for the playlist, really made my day and made me wanna open my own coffee shop one day ♡ i wish i could hug u thank u thank u for existing

  • Jojogni
    Jojogni 3 days ago

    if ash can win the pokemon league, you can do anything

  • K Y M O N O R T S A

    My friends are letting me down and I'm doing not as well in school as I'd like to be. Now I might even miss my two months vacation just because I can't find someone to take care of my dog while I'm gone. School is giving me a 2 week break, then I'll have another term of school then the actual Christmas break. Right now im studying for a math test that will determine whether or not I can get into advanced math next year. But I just can't focus. Everything is so grey around me and I haven't felt this hopeless in a while. I just want to sleep and dive into my bed. And I hope none of my irl friends find this because it just wouldn't make sense and be embarrassing. God I dislike life so much. But somehow it makes me feel a little better by posting this into a sea of lofi listeners. Ergh, I'm so pathetic. I honestly have no idea what im going to do with this stupid maths test. Even cried this morning as I grabbed my phone and saw my sister text "what's wrong?" To me. Everything is wrong. Everything has been so fluent this year and now its all messing up. I want to disappear. Love me, hate me, I'll die anyway.

    • K Y M O N O R T S A
      K Y M O N O R T S A 2 days ago

      tysm 💞💗 :(( have a good day too! Just because of your comment today has been a very relaxing day

    • Syl Lim
      Syl Lim 3 days ago

      That has happen to me before, everything will be all right soon. Grades with never define you and i hope you find amazing friends that will always lift you up. There are many positive things in life, have a nice day :)

    • Caitlin Gower
      Caitlin Gower 3 days ago

      I don't reply to comments of lofi hip hop videos cause they're normally cringey and fake but dude, I was in a similar position to you last year and I want you to know that its going to be ok. Don't focus on people doing better than you because we're all different and I bet there's something you can do that they cant :) like piano or whatever. My advice is to be nice to people around you as they might be going thru the same shit as you, ye never know.. Maybe karma will come back around and you'll start to see a difference in the quality of life. Keep going, hope this helped, k bye

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole 4 days ago

    This reminds me of a kid from summer camp. We still text most days. I like him but he probably doesn’t like me.

  • kimchi 50
    kimchi 50 4 days ago

    there's an annoying ass google ad that came up and i almost threw my computer out the window not now, greedy corporate. not in the middle of my panic attack :)))))))))))))))))))

  • Olivia G
    Olivia G 4 days ago

    i subscribed just for the notification that you've uploaded

  • Zoe Kilzer
    Zoe Kilzer 4 days ago

    9:35 my favorite song 😚☺️

  • rin.
    rin. 4 days ago

    this playlist is making me miss japan even more, god i can't wait to go back

    MOON BYUL 4 days ago

    You should include DEAN’s song sometimes! ☺️ anyways, this playlist is really good for my mood and i’m lovin’ it!

  • koykoy23
    koykoy23 4 days ago

    gimme a reason to have crisis panic

    MARTA III 4 days ago

    my love, MAC AYERS is in this playlist.Gosh thank youuuuu

  • Anisa Morgan
    Anisa Morgan 4 days ago

    I am so lost without you here now. It's almost been a year since you passed and I'm only now grasping the reality that I will never see you hear you smell you hold you ever again.......... I long for you....... My twin flame I will see you again........i love you until the ends of time.

  • blooper Dooper
    blooper Dooper 4 days ago

    I’m sick and my mom used to sing to me when I was little and I needed that feeling again and this gave it to me, thank you so much for posting this

  • CozmikDebris1983
    CozmikDebris1983 4 days ago

    Best title I’ve seen to date 🤣

  • NaTHaN555
    NaTHaN555 4 days ago

    I'm not depressed I just be chilling

  • zaige
    zaige 4 days ago

    also who the fuck is Nicole lmao

  • zaige
    zaige 4 days ago

    hi I'd like to dedicate this mix to my dog, thank you

  • LWJia
    LWJia 4 days ago

    i love and hate playlist like this. it makes me drift away for awhile, into somewhere else calm and serene. no one is there to tell you what you should do and all you feel is peace. but then you have to wake up from there because it's just an illusion.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 4 days ago

    this is for my ex. I still love him and I know he has a busy schedule. hoping all the best

  • Ling
    Ling 4 days ago

    I love how music and relatable phrase creates a small place for us to share our sides of our stories. So my turn. I have this crush for three years in Uni. He was in Business and I was in Language. I met him at the library and I was sleeping on the table. He was my friend's friend, he came by to say hi and my eyes just lit up. He's the type of guy that he knew he was popular, he got his hair comb, he irons his shirt and he wears proper socks. I added him on social media a few days later and that was my biggest mistake. One day, I was eating with my other friend which he was close to and decided to had lunch with us. I was so embarrassed that I couldn't taste my food. He straight up calls me by my correct name. *FYI: my name is misspelled and I decided to keep it that way.* So he did his research on me. Thanks to that, we became acquaintances or a hi-bye friend. During that sem, my club decided to do a fund-raising by selling foods and arts. The title of the booth is F-ART. (I was the one who came out with the idea, creative I know) He came by and said to me that was an interesting title. I said 'I know right, look at how it got your attention.' At that moment, I'm guessing that he was a little bit interested in me and I was completely taken by surprise of how he suddenly leaned closer to my face that makes me recoil a little. After that, I felt that he lost interest in me but I lost part of me in him.

  • Angelina martinez
    Angelina martinez 4 days ago

    elevator music.

  • Patricia Bedolla
    Patricia Bedolla 4 days ago

    Literally my all time favorite playlist ❤️❤️

  • Jewels Gem
    Jewels Gem 4 days ago


  • YourAverage TrashAddict

    I know this get lost in a sea of comments but... 🌻You are loved you are special don't let anyone tell you that your not. I wanted to say that to whoever is reading this have great day!🌻-TrashAddict

  • ItzCadoonce
    ItzCadoonce 4 days ago

    "Back when we were younger, I remember that feeling of being constantly hurt and brought down by traumatizing events. You stood there by my side. No matter how you felt, around me you gave a warm smile and told me "I'm okay...I'm fine...don't worry.". I know it was hard to hold a smile for me but, you did it anyway. I've always been thankful for you being around. Even when you've lost so much you pushed aside most of that sadness and helped me in a tough time. Days started to go on as we were together. You started not being able to face the world with the smile as much, so I tried my best to cheer you up. Sometimes..I would fail, other times...I pushed your sadness away as much as I could. When we fought would protect me at all costs, no matter how big the battle scar was going to be. I can't believe how lucky I am to have someone by my side like you. As the years go by, I'll continue to cheer you up, keep smiling and cherish our time together and you would do the same to me too. I love you" -N. A Lol this is one of my oc's talking btw I just think this letter fits. I hope you liked it <3

  • YourAverage TrashAddict

    I know this get lost in a sea of comments but... Why can't people be nice like the people in the lofi community outside the internet...

  • Xx_StrangerThings_xX :3

    I need this. The caption isn't really what I want, though. I want to feel confident because I'm asking my crush to be my boyfriend tomorrow. Yet this does help build my confidence. Thank you.

  • Isa O
    Isa O 5 days ago

    The comment section makes my heart go UwU

  • Nicolás De la hoz
    Nicolás De la hoz 5 days ago

    I know that here is a lot of people that is introvert, but I want to talk about this people that make everyone happy but inside of him/her you know is sad but give all for make you feel good (sorry if I got something wrong I don't write English very well because I'm from Colombia)

  • 김00
    김00 5 days ago


  • Belena Bermudez
    Belena Bermudez 5 days ago

    **that awkward moment when your crush is 15 and your 10** welp i'm be single forever

  • Wang's Thighs
    Wang's Thighs 5 days ago

    As soon as i saw jimmy brown was included, i knew this playlist will be good.

  • dywluv
    dywluv 5 days ago

    one day i’ll find someone who enjoys studying together, being all cute and stuff, geeking out about stationery but until then here i am!

  • Enyew Wondimagegn
    Enyew Wondimagegn 5 days ago

    Thx I will try to feel better about today

  • Cansu Özdemir
    Cansu Özdemir 5 days ago

    I don't know , is there someone feeling that way but sometimes i really feel like i don't belong somewhere. I started to new school. People are not bad, but i am shy and maybe sometimes i grinch a lot. But a lot of people have friends already and i feel like ghost. Don't understand me wrong , i like hang out alone, but sometimes i want to talk to someone.

  • Fatima Areej Lu
    Fatima Areej Lu 5 days ago

    You make the best playlists.

  • Anjoom Faisal
    Anjoom Faisal 5 days ago

    6:15 Spirited Away, anyone?

  • Fatima Areej Lu
    Fatima Areej Lu 5 days ago

    I always go back to this.

  • KayDee de la Cruz
    KayDee de la Cruz 5 days ago

    Been listening to this since it first came out and I’m so happy we hit 3 Million Views Let’s go