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  • Yaz Valentin
    Yaz Valentin 3 hours ago

    I thought the beginning was a Hooked ad lol

  • Fortnite Master
    Fortnite Master 3 hours ago

    How long is ur shift

  • AndrewPandrew
    AndrewPandrew 3 hours ago

    Does sleeping on your side while using your phone cause a lazy eye?

  • Woopy
    Woopy 3 hours ago

    Is sleeping for too long like 20 hours bad for you?

  • Kad Xe
    Kad Xe 3 hours ago

    Play on harder difficulties :D

  • bobstoufsthangs yt
    bobstoufsthangs yt 3 hours ago

    I don't know if you've played it already, but I think you should play Reanimation inc. It is a mobile game, and I think it would be interesting to see how accurate it is.

  • korayma delgadillo
    korayma delgadillo 3 hours ago

    Ive been having trouble in sleeping for like 2 years 😭 why idk !

  • KrazyCam10
    KrazyCam10 3 hours ago

    Chocolate milk is also a good muscle recovery drink

  • Quantum_AC ' '/
    Quantum_AC ' '/ 3 hours ago

    Does big feet mean a less life span

  • Maricela Rincon
    Maricela Rincon 3 hours ago

    I died at "oh yeah baby" LMAO

  • DeadlyFuzzball
    DeadlyFuzzball 3 hours ago

    What are midgets?

  • Just some Pear
    Just some Pear 3 hours ago

    Dose cracking your neck help with headaches

  • E P
    E P 3 hours ago

    Y’all need Dr House for the diagnosing

  • Natalie T7945
    Natalie T7945 3 hours ago

    Isn’t that the t-shirt you got from a fan? Adorable. We want another Mail Time segment soon! I bet when you go to your PO Box, you need a luggage cart to get it all home! #popular #fanlove

  • Natalie T7945
    Natalie T7945 4 hours ago

    Poor little Bear sliding on the hard wood floors!

  • Wendy’s
    Wendy’s 4 hours ago

    5:46 salmon skin roll

  • TheGIK
    TheGIK 4 hours ago

    This image is wrong i think Doc. i live in the place where the Mediterranean diet was invented. I don't remember the salmon being part of it. Also because we don't produce salmon. ;) Salmon I don't think it's in the Mediterranean sea. But surely it is good for the health, provided you find it without mercury inside. :D Many protein, omega 3 rise the "good cholesterol"

  • Nav Jordaan
    Nav Jordaan 4 hours ago

    How are you?

  • Laura Wheeler
    Laura Wheeler 4 hours ago

    i like them all

  • AKA Potato
    AKA Potato 4 hours ago

    I crack my fingers all through this bad .-.?

  • Nick Nguyen
    Nick Nguyen 4 hours ago

    My question: Why my pp hard?

  • Mech 05
    Mech 05 4 hours ago

    We need before and after shirtless pictures!!!! Who agrees?

  • Alan Estes
    Alan Estes 4 hours ago

    Nice glasses... But clearly not prescription. Nice but just an accessory. You look smart enough without them!

  • Nick R
    Nick R 4 hours ago

    What breed is your dog

  • ronpaul2012robust
    ronpaul2012robust 4 hours ago

    hey "Doctor" mike, why are you harsher on vaping then smoking weed it seems to me that burning a plant and inhaling the smoke should be more concerning, EXPLAIN YOURSELF!.

  • Alfredopizzaluver151

    Doctor Mike, please appeal to politicians on passing a mandatory Epipen bill for flights. I have a feeling the airports won't listen unless a law is passed.

  • tehnemox
    tehnemox 4 hours ago

    I mean...I am straight but...respect where due man.

  • Stellaluna Star
    Stellaluna Star 4 hours ago

    I burst out laughing when he said to get a puppy!!!

  • Arthur Buckley
    Arthur Buckley 4 hours ago

    Wear whatever does not require s shirt!

  • Jack Owen
    Jack Owen 4 hours ago

    Vaccines give people autism. Don’t do it. Protect my child

  • Jay Ramos
    Jay Ramos 4 hours ago

    I wonder why you went like two pitches higher when speaking spanish

  • Naszxn ?
    Naszxn ? 4 hours ago

    I racked my knuckled a second before I saw the video

  • Mookie Luki
    Mookie Luki 4 hours ago

    Hey doctor mike when is the correct time for a teenage guy to start working out at the gym with weights?

  • Molly Fontera Chappell

    I liked this show but man sometimes watching it I always worried about how large the patients bills would be considering all the ridiculous tests they do on these people

  • Darren Chan
    Darren Chan 4 hours ago

    Being Chinese, I would LOVE to know you’re thoughts on alternative medicine. Is there merit to Chinese pharmacy? Acupuncture, or other culture’s practiced medicine of a millennia

  • TheGIK
    TheGIK 4 hours ago

    Hi DOC, I'm Andy from Italy 45yo. I'm new in your channel. HI HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE: I love your channel for two reasons: 1) you have a good pronunciation, it allows me to study English better because I understand you when you speak. 2) It is also because you allow me to make my hypochondria grow UP, and for that, I thank you all my life;) Precisely in this area is my question. HOW DO DOCTORS DEFEND FROM HYPOCHONDRIA ? You see ALL DAY disease everywhere, death, problems of any kind how can they not become hypochondriacs? Can we see a video in this area? Thank you

  • YosoyRaapiid
    YosoyRaapiid 4 hours ago

    How much do you earn ?

  • Danny Block
    Danny Block 4 hours ago

    8:34 there’s more things you can’t see besides results

  • Hitowl Gaming
    Hitowl Gaming 4 hours ago

    Is too much coffee bad for you?

  • Focus
    Focus 4 hours ago

    You guys both seemed really determined not to donate to charity

  • Jenny Houston
    Jenny Houston 4 hours ago

    The dating a doctor one reminded me of waitress Idk why I commented this Okay bye

  • saultube44
    saultube44 4 hours ago

    LOL, I like the guy killing the computer, I'm a PC Tech and studying programming, and yes, Hospitals have to have better automation in software and devices, if a patient crashes you should have a touchpad, to call an specialist, and the form you fill in should be done in an automated way, if you or a nurse prescribe something, it's send to the pharmacy right? to be authorized so it should be also send to your log, so you don't have to write it manually, we have computers to make our lives easier, not harder, the hospitals should have an IT team, included software developers, and by what you describe, the software is really not well done, or not consulted with doctors and nurses nor tested: does the baby smokes? what?

  • Jack Powell
    Jack Powell 4 hours ago

    Question: How much germs get on your hand when you pet your dog

  • Nick Schremp
    Nick Schremp 4 hours ago

    5:38 maybe just a bit

  • Dr. Elizabeth Mattke

    Fun fact: I've been to five different countries, and they are Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Mexico.

  • Jenna
    Jenna 4 hours ago

    Ok so we just gonna ignore the cactus costume at 1:01.... Ok. Nvm

  • Natália Garrido
    Natália Garrido 4 hours ago

    Okay, but Bear is the goodest boi I've ever seen???

  • Road_Run Gamming
    Road_Run Gamming 4 hours ago

    What doctor is he

  • xxoreocookiexx
    xxoreocookiexx 4 hours ago

    how to get taller.

  • Caitlin Chicoine
    Caitlin Chicoine 4 hours ago

    My friend thinks you're cute!! Oh, and she's cute too!

  • Playin 4 Dubs
    Playin 4 Dubs 4 hours ago


  • wolflord4
    wolflord4 4 hours ago

    Recently lost 20 pounds by eating healthy and exercising consistently. I'm still a fair amount away from my ideal weight should I keep doing what I'm doing or should I make more changes? I'm a 6'3 and 237-pound male athlete and my ideal weight is 220 pounds

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 4 hours ago

    3:29 Tokyo Ghoul reference?

  • Edrik Dela Cruz
    Edrik Dela Cruz 4 hours ago

    Why do i always get deja vu?

  • Jessica Capan
    Jessica Capan 4 hours ago

    If a doctors sick, who will cure him?

  • Stellaluna Star
    Stellaluna Star 4 hours ago

    I'm wearing white regular underwear cotton. Nope just checked, pink

  • SweetPoison
    SweetPoison 4 hours ago

    You better vlog the Halloween night.

  • Cheri Riggs
    Cheri Riggs 4 hours ago

    What is the correlation between insulin, insulin resistance and diabetes?

  • sniperammow
    sniperammow 4 hours ago

    i cycle long distance 4 hours plus some times. is that bad for my heart since my heart is beating very fast?

  • Mick Thomson Fan 1349

    I’m a crackhead, I can’t help it.

  • Martín prado
    Martín prado 4 hours ago

    Pleeeeeease do more videos with bear he is so cuutee

  • András Palánki
    András Palánki 4 hours ago

    Why don't they bann non smokers from vapes?

    ALL DA MES LUV LEO 4 hours ago

    I don’t know why I’m pointing this out, but that IPhone 11 pro looks terrifying. It looks like a murderous monster. I don’t mean to be rude to anyone in any way, shape, or form.

  • Voltaicz
    Voltaicz 4 hours ago

    Who else cracked they're knuckles after seeing the thumbnail and title

  • Doing_youtube 13
    Doing_youtube 13 4 hours ago

    I also crack my neck it that bad?

  • Kamilla SBS
    Kamilla SBS 4 hours ago

    OMG Doctor Mike, you look like Josh Dallas actor of the Manifest series. Both very beautiful 😊

  • nicole calvert
    nicole calvert 4 hours ago

    Why doesn’t the nurse that gave you the jag have gloves on 😭? Not good practice 😢

  • HKO_Nitro
    HKO_Nitro 4 hours ago

    Ok I crack my knuckles alot but I also crack my back by twisting is that also nitrogen bubbles or is it something I should stop doing

    • HKO_Nitro
      HKO_Nitro 4 hours ago

      Also wrists,ankles,kneck, and toes are those fine to crack

  • Tolga Kocer
    Tolga Kocer 4 hours ago

    Why Do I suddenly sweat extremely when I drink water in High summer time. Even if I tske only 1 sip

  • lucia mendez
    lucia mendez 4 hours ago

    Did you know that Tylenol is the best contraceptive? ...if you hold it very tight with both of your knees!

  • Melissa Wilson
    Melissa Wilson 4 hours ago

    Why is he so hot

  • كاتي كاتي
    كاتي كاتي 4 hours ago

    so the first time I met my GP's NP, I was going in to get anxiety meds and it happened to be October 31st. I was already not taking him seriously because his name is Jeff Winger (if you watch Community you know why that's funny 😂) but then he came in dressed as a giant banana! maybe he searched for the same thing and then settled on banana instead of doctor? 😅

  • Mer Yem
    Mer Yem 4 hours ago

    This is probably stupid but , the whites of my eyes have a blue tint to them , what causes that and is it dangerous ? ( i did go to an eye doctor and they said my eyes are healthy )

  • Ruby
    Ruby 4 hours ago

    Go see the Merrel Twins Video about Marvel

  • Ashley Victoria
    Ashley Victoria 4 hours ago

    Super cute, you looked hot in all the costumes honestly 💕 Bear looked super cute in the sushi costume

  • Joan Villarreal
    Joan Villarreal 4 hours ago

    If you go to sleep while listening to music, will you have partial hearing loss when waking up

  • CLAY DOG 001
    CLAY DOG 001 4 hours ago

    I think Doc and O'Malley are better doctors

  • Gabrielle Grizzle
    Gabrielle Grizzle 4 hours ago

    Dr. Mike singing “super freak” made me feel things... 😂😂

  • Jean Estoesta
    Jean Estoesta 4 hours ago

    bear made my day <3

  • Jayden Chean
    Jayden Chean 4 hours ago

    R u gay

  • annie lou
    annie lou 4 hours ago

    the good doctor is THE show

  • Josephine C
    Josephine C 4 hours ago

    If you told me to pray to my god of choice to be healed, I'd probably take that as overly spiritual. But this sounded like a good integrative approach to me. I thought it was interesting to hear about the behavioral aspect of it.

  • HitmonFlare
    HitmonFlare 4 hours ago

    how can i make a good baked potato?

  • blossoming
    blossoming 4 hours ago

    take notes Brooke Houts

  • Neph Drummond
    Neph Drummond 4 hours ago

    I mean, me paying $350 for my cat to not die, that’s a luxury for me, caring for an animal society doesn’t need, but I do, so I’ll pay for a random animal to not die so I can keep it and not feel alone, it’s like buying anything else that makes you happy, a giant tree or something. But me spending $400 on ADHD medicine to get me through college and work? That’s insane, I shouldn’t need to spend $400 for my brain to work right every month. $15 fee, meh, that’s really not that bad, sure thing, I’d have probably given that if you’d asked nicely enough, but $400 a month to think clearly isn’t it chief

  • ?.! [NS]
    ?.! [NS] 4 hours ago

    Can some type of headache put you in a hospital?

  • Armaan Verma
    Armaan Verma 4 hours ago

    @Doctor Mike : When I crack my knuckles once, I can continue cracking them without stopping. Is this a bad thing, and does it need to be addressed to my local doctor?

    KING MUHAMMAD 4 hours ago

    You came for 4:45 Just like this comment for a thankyou

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher 4 hours ago

    I thought you would do better idk why lol

  • Danny Block
    Danny Block 4 hours ago

    Is it bad if I can crack both of my ankles and wrists seemingly forever without it sounding any different

  • Toufic Bou Moussa
    Toufic Bou Moussa 4 hours ago

    As you said.. Cracking tour knuckles isn't that bad.. What about if i crack my back and neck.. I've been having pains and headaches sometimes.. And the only thing that can help me relieve some of that pain is cracking my neck! How bad is that??

  • Logan Bybee
    Logan Bybee 4 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize his peck bounce? lol

  • Hoigwai
    Hoigwai 4 hours ago

    I don't think opting out should be available. If you have medical issues with vaccines that should be the only time you are allowed to not have them. One of the major issues we have in this country is how purely selfish it can be. **I won't think about how many people I could kill with my 5 hours of expertise in medicine and refusing to have my children vaccinated.** I think perhaps some video/photo evidence of what it was like before vaccines and the horrific deaths that happen from diseases we have come to think of as trivial because of how effective vaccines are. " Nearly everyone in the U.S. got measles before there was a vaccine, and hundreds died from it each year. Today, most doctors have never seen a case of measles. More than 15,000 Americans died from diphtheria in 1921, before there was a vaccine. Only two cases of diphtheria have been reported to CDC between 2004 and 2014. An epidemic of rubella (German measles) in 1964-65 infected 12½ million Americans, killed 2,000 babies, and caused 11,000 miscarriages. Since 2012, 15 cases of rubella were reported to CDC." These numbers are from a time with a lower total population and a lower density of population in cities. LA had an estimated population of 7.4 million in 1965, the number in 2015 14.1 million. Think about how much worse an outbreak could be with double the population in the same area.

  • PantherShade
    PantherShade 4 hours ago

    ANSWER for liquid nitrogen question:Although nitrogen (N2) comprises most of the air we breathe (70%?), liquid nitrogen (LN2) maintains its liquid status by being at -196C. Contact with something that cold can cause serious damage to your body and should not be attempted. Very brief exposure may result in the Leydenfrost effect, but you don't want to chance overexposure to breathe smoke, since even cigarettes and vapes are less dangerous.

  • Daniel Jenkins
    Daniel Jenkins 4 hours ago

    So we see all of these commercials for random medication with funky names, for serious diseases or health issues. Can we actually trust these products from commercials?

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet 4 hours ago

    What do you think is the scariest situation that could happen in a hospital? Is a crazy guy with a weapon worse than something like SARS?

  • Frank Tran
    Frank Tran 4 hours ago

    You gotta get the quadlock phone case with wireless charging. I'm not sponsored by them (but I kinda wish I were)--I was a skeptic and I turned believer. It made my cell phone holding experiences at home at in the car super pleasant.

  • Crystal Flores
    Crystal Flores 4 hours ago

    Did he just pop his pecks? 😂😂 5:36

  • Veemaine716
    Veemaine716 4 hours ago

    I love his acting skills

  • SweetLikeStrawberries

    this still hasn't reached 200,000 likes yet 🤧 pls give us the hair dyeing vid we DESERVE