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  • Nassim Medjadi
    Nassim Medjadi 53 minutes ago

    I made this recip , and it's was really yummy yummy , thanks :-) :-) :-)

  • Fifu World
    Fifu World 2 hours ago

    Really fascinated to watch how flour balls were made in this video. Thank you for sharing

    VIKRAM BIJARNIA 3 hours ago

    It like So tasty

  • Bahar Ahmed
    Bahar Ahmed 4 hours ago

    so yammy

  • Unisha Gurung
    Unisha Gurung 5 hours ago

    We should put semolina more than all purpose flour ??Mam😊

  • Kiran kant Mani
    Kiran kant Mani 6 hours ago

    nice...my favorite samosa

  • Sohail Pathan
    Sohail Pathan 6 hours ago


  • Babies world
    Babies world 7 hours ago

    I'm in love with you yummy y....

  • Masterlehand
    Masterlehand 10 hours ago

    everything good except the depresing music with the millenial piano going

  • Rosie Cooks
    Rosie Cooks 10 hours ago

    This looks like a fantastic lasagna!

  • جنان طيبةهه
    جنان طيبةهه 14 hours ago

    واووووووو اختكم نور من العراق

  • Seetha Seetha
    Seetha Seetha 14 hours ago


  • Reynilda Calimlim
    Reynilda Calimlim 15 hours ago

    Very impressive!!! Thanks fro sharing

  • Fiza Ali
    Fiza Ali 15 hours ago

    AP ki ye recipe bohot bohot achi hai meny try ki bohot acha aur soft cake bana

  • Wah Cantt
    Wah Cantt 16 hours ago

    Bht hi jahil ki bachi hain ap nihari blkul aesy nhi bnti jitni ye dekhne mein achi lag rahi Hai ye itni hi bud zaiqa hogi

  • Saba Q
    Saba Q 18 hours ago

    Can we make it in 8 by 8 baking pan? Kindly reply

  • Beauty: Desi Life in the USA

    Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video you are a talented chef I have connected with you please connect with mine Thank you!

  • Rubi Jawaid
    Rubi Jawaid 20 hours ago

    Best puff pastry recope

  • Rubi Jawaid
    Rubi Jawaid 20 hours ago

    Excellent recipe Thanks lot

  • sineha chandrabose
    sineha chandrabose 20 hours ago

    Could u please do wheat parratha

  • Umar Javaid
    Umar Javaid 21 hour ago

    Zaberdast yummy chicken i will try it soon

  • aiyesha khan
    aiyesha khan 21 hour ago

    Gonna try this for breakfast tomorrow

  • Azra Mehmood
    Azra Mehmood 23 hours ago


  • Jhuma Mou
    Jhuma Mou Day ago

    I just love food without any question.. here is a different item.. u can also try this one - usclip.net/video/o5Q-yEvWc-Y/video.html

  • Jhuma Mou
    Jhuma Mou Day ago

    With in a very short time you can make it... its really lovelyusclip.net/video/GfrtYFAbn0g/video.html

  • Cook With Nidha

    Hey friends... Kindly please sub my channel with bell.... Please... 💜

    LUPITA PEREZ Day ago

    Tanks for the recipe. And..I have a question? What kind flour do you uses?

  • Entertainment Family

    No cardamom seeds but ajwain seeds

  • Juan manuel Mansilla


  • 1996
    1996 Day ago

    I just witnessed a murder

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  • Madhab Chandra Sarkar

    রসগোল্লা।। ❤️

  • Aparna De
    Aparna De Day ago

    It's just awesome...I will surely try it...😘😍😙😙

  • Far From Roots cooking show

    No use of maida if u r using perchmnt paper...

  • Carmona Gómez

    thanks for your fantastic recipe, really very clear everything

  • Carmona Gómez

    Este pastel es maravilloso, lo que hago yo , es ponerle 1 cucharada de vinagre blanco a la taza de leche para obtener una pan mucho más esponjoso . Créame que queda genial

  • Jujuana Sonny
    Jujuana Sonny Day ago

    so delicious..i'm craving

  • meghani sahu
    meghani sahu Day ago

    What to add in place of egg.....please suggest

  • South
    South Day ago

    You have outdone yourself with this chocolate cake.

  • Daniya TF
    Daniya TF Day ago

    superb 😘

  • Pebam Ronendro

    Yummy yummy !!!

  • Maylin Marlini

    I've try 3x... Taste soo good. Thank you for sharing this recipe. ❤️🇲🇾Malaysia

  • تسريحات بنات


  • EleLoto
    EleLoto Day ago

    Thank you so much in other video about pilaf recipe i never undersdand that rice have to be soack befor cooking!

  • Page E
    Page E Day ago


  • i am
    i am Day ago

    I tried but my gulab jamuns got broken when I put them in the oil on low flame.

    • Yummyyy y
      Yummyyy y Day ago

      Use full cream milk powder for this recipe

  • Manisha Konda
    Manisha Konda Day ago

    You forgot to add salt and red chilli powder

  • Kalpana Parekh
    Kalpana Parekh 2 days ago


  • Vishwajeet Singh
    Vishwajeet Singh 2 days ago

    Yaar dikh to gzb ka raha h mgr isme paste nhi dala adrk ka or pyaj ka use v nhi hua...phr v delicius h

  • ام البنين
    ام البنين 2 days ago

    usclip.net/video/1z8XI4LrPV8b/video.htmlanghali vlogue

  • jyoti upadhyay
    jyoti upadhyay 2 days ago

    How to make egg less?

  • Athirah Omairi
    Athirah Omairi 2 days ago

    Dramatically delicious

  • Happy cooking for soul

    Perfect recipe thx for sharing

  • Beenish Shaikh
    Beenish Shaikh 2 days ago

    Kya style h tea dalne ka

  • Radha Jagannathan
    Radha Jagannathan 2 days ago

    Aha saamoosaaaa...super

  • سعيدة سعيدة

    مسمن مغربي 🤣🤣

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    maria maglinte 2 days ago

    Yummy 😋 I like this Maamoul Cookies 😍😋😋

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    Goksi mili 2 days ago

    Burek is Serbian🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸

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    Sayar Khan 2 days ago

    I love to watch cake making

  • قناة شهيواتي

    Je suis une nouvelle amie c tres bon et delicieus peux tu t abonner dans ma chaine de cuisine marocaine

  • Bubble TV
    Bubble TV 2 days ago

    Wow nice recipe awesome video always stay connected

  • Annie khan
    Annie khan 2 days ago

    its v tasty and different resipi

  • Annie khan
    Annie khan 2 days ago

    v delicious

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  • Rani Kate
    Rani Kate 2 days ago

    Delicious 😋😋very nice ......😘😘

  • grand teem
    grand teem 2 days ago

    Har koi english nahi samajh ta masalo ke naam hindi .e likha karo

  • amn175
    amn175 2 days ago

    I learned how to put it in the fridge, the rest is easy :)

  • Maram Zmany
    Maram Zmany 2 days ago

    When want (original Indiana chai )recipe 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Like me if U want too

  • ivani merencio
    ivani merencio 2 days ago

    Amei!! Vou tentar fazer pra ver se obtenho este mesmo resultado!!!

  • Saara Shaikh
    Saara Shaikh 2 days ago

    Mouthwatering cake😊

  • The Polymath Universe

    Brilliant direction!

  • home sweet home
    home sweet home 2 days ago

    It's looking so yummyyy... Neat and clean

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    Parvathy's Kitchen 2 days ago

    Please support my channel

  • Annie khan
    Annie khan 3 days ago

    delicious baryani with difrent style

  • Annie khan
    Annie khan 3 days ago

    soo Awesome chiken tawa

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    Delicious Food 3 days ago

    You from?

  • nafisa kasmani
    nafisa kasmani 3 days ago

    Ma shaa Allah 👍

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    Naqash Butt 3 days ago

    Iska rest it a maze ka nhn jitni dikh rhi hai

  • Jitendra Dubale
    Jitendra Dubale 3 days ago

    so beautiful and yummy cake

  • Jitendra Dubale
    Jitendra Dubale 3 days ago

    very soft rasgulla soooooo yummy

  • Happy cooking for soul

    Perfect samosas...thx for the recipie

  • Shaik Suhana
    Shaik Suhana 3 days ago

    Superb 👌

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago

    قنواتي بمساعدة فارس لي الأميرة فايلنيا

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago

    طبخي انا لازانيا

  • Sahr Osama
    Sahr Osama 3 days ago


  • sfurti buliya
    sfurti buliya 3 days ago

    Absolute disaster in terms of Ras Malayi.... A complete failure.... Go and taste traditional Ras Malayi first...

  • Tisha Samaroo
    Tisha Samaroo 3 days ago

    Hi, i couldn't wait to try this out and when I did I was surprised how good they came out. They weren't all perfect but I used my pizza cutter to trim off some edges. Still super impressed. How do you keep all your circles the same size when rolling them into one?

  • دانیال رند

    ماشاءالله خیلی خود نان را پختی

  • Asad Ali
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  • Pretty Violet
    Pretty Violet 3 days ago

    Not tasty at all I am sorry

  • Rachel Koppula
    Rachel Koppula 3 days ago

    I tried this cake twice but it didnt bake in the middle it was soggy, i had bake more than 30 mts. and it is cracking. Can u suggest what went wrong. I like this receipe alot

  • Muazzin Saeed
    Muazzin Saeed 3 days ago

    How beautiful remkins you have

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    Wow look so yummy 😋

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