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  • Madison B
    Madison B 4 hours ago

    Finally they mentioned can I have this dance!!!🙌🙌

  • Allie B
    Allie B 4 hours ago

    Joshua: 😇 Me: 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Moyagabo Ragoasha
    Moyagabo Ragoasha 4 hours ago

    Don't worry its also my first time in heels and in grade 7

  • Karin Zraková
    Karin Zraková 4 hours ago

    look i ship sprousehearth but they will be so cute together omgg 💞

  • Isabel D
    Isabel D 4 hours ago

    He looks so much like Penn Badgley. Beautiful 🦋

  • AV Short Films
    AV Short Films 5 hours ago

    If you’re wondering where did you see the main cast before: - Olivia from Bizzaardvark - Joshua from Stuck in the middle - Sofia from Andi mack

  • Ellie Crabbe
    Ellie Crabbe 5 hours ago

    Omg that intro was so cute I CANT

  • Irisa Davis
    Irisa Davis 5 hours ago

    A full cover of summertime sadness would be great. She sang it so good!

  • Adeline Albert
    Adeline Albert 5 hours ago

    Olivia from bizaardvark & Joshua from stuck in the middle ..... They are both really awesome

  • Samantha Louise
    Samantha Louise 5 hours ago

    “And then baby hit me one more time” mAdOnNa KSKSKSKSKKSKS JACKSOOOON

  • Acaciah
    Acaciah 5 hours ago

    Jenna Looks like his sister

  • Hazel Mendes
    Hazel Mendes 5 hours ago

    God, why didn't you introduce me to Joshua Bassett earlier? I LOVE THIS GUY

  • julia neves
    julia neves 5 hours ago

    his favorite songs 🤩

  • Ange-Clara
    Ange-Clara 5 hours ago

    HSM 2 is and will always be my favorite😍

  • Talking w/ Alex
    Talking w/ Alex 5 hours ago

    At 2:06 al I could think of was 🎶basketball basketball we love basketball 🎶

  • Xitlaly Rufino
    Xitlaly Rufino 5 hours ago

    Olivia I thought you were still with Ethan /Bernie from bizadvark

  • Vanessa Ramzieh
    Vanessa Ramzieh 6 hours ago

    And this is why she’s single, she’s rude, selfish and needs a new personality. Imagine being this full of yourself on camera.

  • Chasing Yashiro
    Chasing Yashiro 6 hours ago

    This took me way too long to realize this was an actual episode and not Kurtis and Dean making a bomb ass parody

  • Nalini Reddy
    Nalini Reddy 6 hours ago

    Why Don't We humming ringtones is my new ringtone

  • hazaranasya
    hazaranasya 6 hours ago


  • ftrems
    ftrems 6 hours ago

    ok but isn’t anyone gonna talk about how FINE and CUTE zim is like damn 🥵

  • Moon. Light
    Moon. Light 6 hours ago

    If u want him to be like Daniel JUST DATR DANIEL

  • Cat 。
    Cat 。 6 hours ago

    ITS NOT WITE OUT *TAPE* it’s wite out I hate her

  • Tricia Lim
    Tricia Lim 7 hours ago

    For the costume one of the girls should have said Joker and Harley Quinn

  • Societyne
    Societyne 7 hours ago

    "He's a good boy." Ya suure??

  • elsa 666
    elsa 666 7 hours ago

    imagine how josh felt when she told her friend ur dead lol

  • Qiqi Laranjinha
    Qiqi Laranjinha 7 hours ago

    Hector is cute

  • Ruby Karasso
    Ruby Karasso 7 hours ago

    i can sing to when i grow up i realy realy want to be like dove china and sofia love you guys!!!!!!!

  • Galaxy bean
    Galaxy bean 7 hours ago

    I wish that the live people weren't mean to Elana

  • Janice Chia
    Janice Chia 7 hours ago

    Are they dating? They are so cute together

  • babygurl whatyoudo
    babygurl whatyoudo 7 hours ago

    Bitch RJ was the one

  • babygurl whatyoudo
    babygurl whatyoudo 7 hours ago


  • babygurl whatyoudo
    babygurl whatyoudo 7 hours ago

    Just hear 22:33

  • babygurl whatyoudo
    babygurl whatyoudo 8 hours ago

    Am i the only one that never remembers their names

  • babygurl whatyoudo
    babygurl whatyoudo 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who doesent like her besties laugh

  • Aukjeツ
    Aukjeツ 8 hours ago

    I always use tampons! My first time was on my fourteenth and I am now fifteen🙃

  • Almighty
    Almighty 8 hours ago

    I know you some people think he’s cute *But* _There’s not a_ *person* _that can reach_ *Zac Efron*

  • Akash Mehrotra
    Akash Mehrotra 8 hours ago


  • liv gallivan
    liv gallivan 8 hours ago

    i think im in love with them both...

  • Valentina Reyes
    Valentina Reyes 8 hours ago

    Olivia looks like Catriona the Miss Universe

  • Ismael Yezdan
    Ismael Yezdan 8 hours ago

    Guy: *is super nice and caring* Girl: meh it's alright Other guy: I don't really give a shit about this but uhhhhh memes Girl: omg yessssss

  • Pepe Dominguez Leal
    Pepe Dominguez Leal 8 hours ago

    Solo se saben las canciones de la primera película por que son las canciones que tienen que cantar en la serie, por que si no, no dan ni una

  • Harshita Joshi
    Harshita Joshi 8 hours ago

    Your such a nerd (that's a compliment)

  • Aroseate Niartsib
    Aroseate Niartsib 8 hours ago

    I have told my mom about binding but she says she doesn't get the point of it and it will just cut off my blood circulation even if I just wear for 8 hours. I don't think I'll ever convince her.... ;-;

  • Alia Farisya
    Alia Farisya 8 hours ago

    I love her eyeshadow lol

  • Seraph Graphics
    Seraph Graphics 8 hours ago

    idk but he looks so uncomfortable lmao gg colby

  • PRAN Foods UAE
    PRAN Foods UAE 9 hours ago

    Oh my god.... Noone said superman

  • Prerna Tomar
    Prerna Tomar 9 hours ago

    I remember

  • Moon. Light
    Moon. Light 9 hours ago

    I knew it they were wearing like the mean girls

  • Shenaz
    Shenaz 9 hours ago

    i DIED when jack said " OH OH OH LION KING!" HAHAHAHAH he's such a cutie

  • Niel fa
    Niel fa 9 hours ago

    Why im really like jackson say "yes sir"

  • Never Grow Up! Vlogs*

    Ha... "woman" you're 16

  • JMP productions7777
    JMP productions7777 9 hours ago

    I guess I'm from a parallel universe

  • rain liu
    rain liu 9 hours ago

    gosh. ur cute

  • Karolina Wilk
    Karolina Wilk 9 hours ago

    I think they made out later

  • Luna —-
    Luna —- 10 hours ago

    i really want to watch the series but i’m in a different country so i can’t ;(

  • Nadine Andreaputri
    Nadine Andreaputri 10 hours ago

    wrong button : BBBBIIPPP Jackson : 7:29

  • Айдай Мурзаева

    2:45 i know falalala🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Satisfaction Wild
    Satisfaction Wild 10 hours ago

    I am actually scared

  • Zachary Scott
    Zachary Scott 10 hours ago

    This video has confirmed to me that there is a strong link between bad haircuts, being mental, and having a monstrous ego.

  • justin seagull
    justin seagull 10 hours ago

    That izzy girl seem desperate with her answers

    JETARTEMIS 10 hours ago

    Isn’t it weird that oLIVIA RORIGO is caught kissing matt Cornett in high school the musical musical even know that he’s 21 and she’s 16

  • Abigail Lyman
    Abigail Lyman 10 hours ago

    I agree if they like anime that’s a dealbreaker sorry

  • m y
    m y 10 hours ago

    All the girls are so cute 😭😭😭💞💞💞💞

  • Samkarli TV
    Samkarli TV 10 hours ago

    I still do Sharpay's "calming before a play" thing! And I saw they did it too. Believe me it really helps😂

  • Chimene Wihardja
    Chimene Wihardja 11 hours ago

    Okay when come they back together because i don’t like it now on this moment ....

  • Alicia Tuyeni
    Alicia Tuyeni 11 hours ago

    I thought Lan or RJ was going to win

  • Gwen Ashaleema
    Gwen Ashaleema 11 hours ago

    no !!! brandon is eliminated 😭

  • lovely squishy time
    lovely squishy time 11 hours ago

    I love china 😍

  • xhianxian xian
    xhianxian xian 11 hours ago

    I like the fact that they keep saying good things about HSM and that they're just happy that they got to play the role and something like that but i kept cringing at them when they're like trying to sing the songs that they clearly don't know or have forgotten the lyrics and can't help but giggling at how low key they're trying to ask each others help which puts them both in this slightly awkward position and its adorable 😄🤷🏻‍♀️ Especially Joshua who's adorable

  • Xena Ligutan
    Xena Ligutan 12 hours ago

    She kinda look like Catriona Gray.

  • Puppet Bunny
    Puppet Bunny 12 hours ago

    I was expecting chantel to win but this was pretty entertaining to watch

  • Jug Head Jones
    Jug Head Jones 12 hours ago

    I have jughead hat lock my channel

  • Isaaa
    Isaaa 12 hours ago

    My fav songs 1st: Start of Something New 2nd: You Are The Music In Me 3rd: Can I Have This Dance

  • mia hav
    mia hav 12 hours ago

    ngl this vidoe is rlly weird like what

  • mia hav
    mia hav 12 hours ago

    who’s here from tiktok aha👒🎍🍏

  • Farishah Irina
    Farishah Irina 13 hours ago

    His voice lowkey sounds like troy bolton/young zac efron

    • Mercedes Amyx
      Mercedes Amyx 5 hours ago

      Farishah Irina maybe that’s why they chose him other than him being super good at singing and playing lol

  • Chelsea Tan
    Chelsea Tan 13 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate and compliment Olivia's eyeshadow matching with the background, CUTEEEE😍😍

  • Delimbiyra ღ
    Delimbiyra ღ 13 hours ago

    Why just dogs 😶 I would be a lizard bro

  • SudeYBaronov -
    SudeYBaronov - 13 hours ago

    I don’t want this, sorry.

  • Eliza Hamilton
    Eliza Hamilton 13 hours ago

    literally how did you not get some of them. broooooo i was like 4 when they came out and i got them all. but also like i love you

  • Rileigh Martin
    Rileigh Martin 13 hours ago

    joshua bassett is literally the love of my life

  • Unusual Chemical
    Unusual Chemical 13 hours ago

    I like steve

  • PuRe_ Erupts
    PuRe_ Erupts 13 hours ago

    Does anyone know the girl with the glasses @?

  • Special edition Animations

    I am just here to flex on my English teacher.

  • loans -kun-
    loans -kun- 14 hours ago

    Bro Brandon was the best guy!

  • karly moon
    karly moon 14 hours ago

    She sang hello by Adele pretty good but Girllll . whats she wearing ?

  • m00nchild
    m00nchild 14 hours ago

    I got clinical depression when one of the girls said she doesn't like anime.

  • Yeetus XX
    Yeetus XX 14 hours ago

    I use my first tampon at 11🤣

  • Marwa Elansary
    Marwa Elansary 14 hours ago

  • Lucas
    Lucas 15 hours ago

    how to be olivia?? i am totally inlove with josh 😫 side note: josh be radiating tom holland vibes

  • Irma Lopez
    Irma Lopez 15 hours ago

    David is just so hot 😍😍🔥🔥

  • beatriz sanchez
    beatriz sanchez 15 hours ago

    Omg what happened

    ADELLE CHAN QUI 1H 15 hours ago

    joshua pants are 👀

  • littylula
    littylula 15 hours ago

    who else came from kiki’s tiktok

  • laila
    laila 15 hours ago

    She made me rlly uncomfortable

  • Amanda Perez
    Amanda Perez 15 hours ago

    Best match for her for sure. Although I liked temanio's personality and she's cute

  • Dorian Curtis
    Dorian Curtis 15 hours ago

    why did she leave emmet??

  • Ine Danger
    Ine Danger 15 hours ago

    I’m a 29 year old nostalgic woman smiling like an idiot

  • Oliver Stoller
    Oliver Stoller 15 hours ago

    Good choice k-dAwG! ;~)