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Forbidden memes
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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!
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It's time to STOP!
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Twitch Girls be like...
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Best Week Ever.
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100 000 000 Subs
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Minecraft Skyblock #1
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Keanu Reeves
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E3 2019 Summarized
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Shoutout to Jacksepticeye
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  • Your Mum
    Your Mum 2 hours ago

    Hmmm yes the floor is made of the floor

  • Mock ing
    Mock ing 2 hours ago

    First what I do in minecraft is walking around and build house in 4 or 3 nights

  • Kamek uwu
    Kamek uwu 2 hours ago

    Felix is a grown man can we at least give him the ability to s w o r e

  • PieDiePew
    PieDiePew 2 hours ago

    Gtg to school in a few minutes my time is 13:49 good day or night

  • maschingunkevin
    maschingunkevin 2 hours ago


  • Lucas Soo
    Lucas Soo 2 hours ago

    6:02:53 <where he die thx me later

  • Raeboy 08
    Raeboy 08 2 hours ago

    3:17:46 *R.I.P. headphone users*

  • FixedTV
    FixedTV 2 hours ago

    P: I have i9 water cooling gtx titan x 64 gigs of ram 16tb ssd and custom case. Me: But can it run Minecraft smoothly?

  • Goril
    Goril 2 hours ago

    7:06 *bridge flashes.

  • Spacedust art
    Spacedust art 2 hours ago

    One more video before bed

  • Talliana Boni
    Talliana Boni 2 hours ago


  • Drake Terry
    Drake Terry 2 hours ago

    I'm at hr 4 and super frustrated that he hasnt gotten a horse and found villagers by now

    CYROGENESIS 2 hours ago

    1:24 399!!!!!!(jk idk if it's actually 399)

  • CooL GaminG123321
    CooL GaminG123321 2 hours ago

    Three professional singers in one song this awesome โœŒ๏ธ

  • My Friend
    My Friend 2 hours ago

    This photo is video.

  • Rosa M
    Rosa M 2 hours ago

    WOW HE LAUGHED AT FINNISH CURSE WORDS๐Ÿ˜‚ I know many finns are in the comments.

  • Phoenic Roberts
    Phoenic Roberts 2 hours ago

    Best chair ever

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh 2 hours ago

    Im cool with all the jokes cuz it really is true, but dude you zoomed it on Japan. Thats fuckin racist๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Itz_ Jobuzz45
    Itz_ Jobuzz45 2 hours ago

    When I look at this now itโ€™s funny

  • Prajwal Tech Hunts
    Prajwal Tech Hunts 2 hours ago

    I am a Indian I know you

  • Invincible Orange
    Invincible Orange 2 hours ago


  • Robert Danyi
    Robert Danyi 2 hours ago

    This is better for lowering anxiety than a therapist :D

  • Pariah18
    Pariah18 2 hours ago

    1:19:35 Iโ€™ll probably stop in 5 minutes.... yea five minutes or so

  • Matthew Rude
    Matthew Rude 2 hours ago

    Ace of Base is the best!! So glad you cover their songs in your video, possible official Minecraft Ace of Base cover perhaps?

  • MerkQ
    MerkQ 2 hours ago

    P E C E

  • Mr. Nothing
    Mr. Nothing 2 hours ago

    45:20 just a time stamp for me go on keep scrolling

  • Evan Kts
    Evan Kts 2 hours ago

    4:29 3pac predicted T-Series would overcome pewdiepie by doing a T-pose. Satan confirmed.

  • Louie Lariosa3
    Louie Lariosa3 2 hours ago

    I think its time pewds play horror games again

  • CalzoneMoto
    CalzoneMoto 2 hours ago

    Call my wife into the room. "Pewds said it's fricking time"

  • pigeon puno
    pigeon puno 2 hours ago

    It is my first time to put comment here bro. I really enjoyed your videos hehe. #Brofist

  • AW AW AW
    AW AW AW 2 hours ago

    Ima give someone 500 bucks if they can count how many fvck felix said during the stream

  • Stan Verbeek
    Stan Verbeek 2 hours ago

    That littarly happend to me twice yesterday 6:03:40

  • Anad Qahtani
    Anad Qahtani 2 hours ago

    ุตูˆุฑ ู…ู‚ุทุน ู‡ู„ู†ุจุนุงู†ุธุฎุงุฑู†ุฎูุซ ููŠ ุญูŠุงุชูŠ

  • Mathias GRUNBERGER
    Mathias GRUNBERGER 2 hours ago

    what game is that

  • Trang Tessa
    Trang Tessa 2 hours ago


  • DorDieTo
    DorDieTo 2 hours ago

    1:24:43(just putting a time stamp to watch it later)

  • Patricio Torres
    Patricio Torres 2 hours ago

    Every normal people when saw the tittle: dude wtf?, this guy love Minecraft!!

  • Backmack
    Backmack 2 hours ago

    New youtube title: Dr.Phil Deep Fries a THOT on the kitchen floor at 3 am

  • it's angela
    it's angela 2 hours ago

    Felix seems more serious when live streaming.

  • Emmily
    Emmily 2 hours ago


  • RIPๅฝก MANOJ
    RIPๅฝก MANOJ 2 hours ago

    I much GB it itook to upload??

  • Waleed Alotaibi
    Waleed Alotaibi 2 hours ago jeb_

  • Mel Was Here 28
    Mel Was Here 28 2 hours ago

    A big clap to those people who didn't skip anything and watched the entire video.

  • รœmit Yฤฑlmaz

    Pewds: 08.54 Mom: what ar u watching

  • Anton Persson APEL08

    Now Iโ€™m a bro

  • Me Sips Tae
    Me Sips Tae 2 hours ago

    I'm goddamn sure that no one will see my comment

  • Ivana Minic
    Ivana Minic 2 hours ago

    Yayyy minecraft series are the BEST!!!!โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ

  • Adi blk
    Adi blk 2 hours ago

    You can fly in Minecraft on vr

  • myguysterling
    myguysterling 2 hours ago


  • Assasin King
    Assasin King 2 hours ago

    Did felix expext us to watch a full 12 hours worth of video. Rip data

  • Eli Brunelle
    Eli Brunelle 2 hours ago

    Whatโ€™s the armor and weapon heโ€™s using towards the mid-end point

  • 411 Covers
    411 Covers 2 hours ago

    I liked when he actually played Minecraft

  • PrinceVegeta
    PrinceVegeta 2 hours ago

    id frick a creeper

  • Jazryll Calayag
    Jazryll Calayag 2 hours ago

    41:38 time stamp

  • Alex Oasch
    Alex Oasch 2 hours ago


  • DingDong Palade
    DingDong Palade 2 hours ago

    3:05:50 did my man did another oopsie?

  • Me Forever
    Me Forever 2 hours ago

    Me getting so angry about him ruining The spawn Also me realizes he doesent need it

  • Jose Xavier
    Jose Xavier 2 hours ago

    This is where I left off-20:07

  • im LOL lol
    im LOL lol 2 hours ago


  • Isabelle Jacobsen
    Isabelle Jacobsen 2 hours ago

    7:06:30 his eyes are transparent because of the greenscreen lmao

  • Valbona Kuka
    Valbona Kuka 2 hours ago

    Fuking. Zomdis

  • Gillian Marie
    Gillian Marie 2 hours ago

    Who's here after 100 mil

  • LiamTvx Boom
    LiamTvx Boom 2 hours ago

    Veerry naaaceee

  • Valent Bence
    Valent Bence 2 hours ago

    Who has already finished?

  • ghazi muhammad baskoro

    Whats the first song??????

  • LiamTvx Boom
    LiamTvx Boom 2 hours ago

    Bรคsta jag hรถrt mannenโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    MK MOSTWANTED 2 hours ago

    But i love you Pewdipie. M also a Indian

  • xd Thieves
    xd Thieves 2 hours ago


  • Solo gamer Turtorials/Help

    if he was to own a country and his subs where citizens it would be the number 14 most populated country!

  • II beanz II
    II beanz II 2 hours ago

    Why is Logan Paul on the thumbnail

  • Nisrina Athirah
    Nisrina Athirah 2 hours ago

    speak english please. Idfu.

  • savery avery s
    savery avery s 2 hours ago


  • Adrienne Clarke
    Adrienne Clarke 2 hours ago

    MORE SONGS you are a rock star and look how many times we listen to Hey Monika

  • Valbona Kuka
    Valbona Kuka 2 hours ago

    Are you. Stupid

  • ใ‚ทใƒฃใƒ‰ใƒผMax

    i can't believe i actually missed this.

  • ShoopersTheWoopers
    ShoopersTheWoopers 3 hours ago

    yes i can lay down in my chair while staring at my 2012 GTX 560

  • Jorj
    Jorj 3 hours ago

    I just realized how much new subs and views Felix has gotten over the past year and also how much he's "censored" his self by not cursing and shit so most of his new viewers are real surprised when he swears

  • Menna Salem
    Menna Salem 3 hours ago

    1:24:52 Don't mind me

  • Woopsie Woops
    Woopsie Woops 3 hours ago

    Dafaq? I got 2 fortnite ads

  • Hoodie Roky
    Hoodie Roky 3 hours ago

    I skipped school to watch this

  • Olavi Soukainen
    Olavi Soukainen 3 hours ago

    Felix started swearing and stuff as soon as it wasent a Norman mc video he changed like u know when ur just u and a friend together and as soon as theres 1 More ur friend changed to a total a hole

  • stinky Ass
    stinky Ass 3 hours ago

    Pewdiepie: *uploads 12 hr stream* 9 yr olds with timestamps: "let me introduce myself"

  • Amanda Mosolino
    Amanda Mosolino 3 hours ago


  • Akane -chan
    Akane -chan 3 hours ago

    Everyone during this stream: SWORE!!!!

  • farting eagle
    farting eagle 3 hours ago

    Lol I just realized in the witcher 3 playthrough episode 3 he named the sheep sven and the griffin ate him

  • Jonathan Jaime Osorio


  • Gasp Tornado
    Gasp Tornado 3 hours ago

    Infinity war got nothing on pewds' minecraft series in terms of death.

  • Gasp Tornado
    Gasp Tornado 3 hours ago

    Infinity war got nothing on pewds' minecraft series in terms of death.

    GODZELA {TRZ} 3 hours ago

    Like ู„ุงูŠูƒ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • TheFlashGamerHD
    TheFlashGamerHD 3 hours ago

    2019??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Shine Bright ASMR
    Shine Bright ASMR 3 hours ago

    Pewds.......where is Jeorgen...

  • Zac Cartwright
    Zac Cartwright 3 hours ago

    7 years later.... still looks the same

  • GoblinGaming
    GoblinGaming 3 hours ago

    I said to my girlfriend that i will be away he doesnt know im watching thiss

  • Infernos_Xtinct Paradox Clan

    Who watched it for 12 hrs straight

  • ttv- Venoms-
    ttv- Venoms- 3 hours ago


  • Pixelated Boy
    Pixelated Boy 3 hours ago

    Canโ€™t believe Iโ€™ve watch this...

  • jaimemiguel 007
    jaimemiguel 007 3 hours ago

    You did dis while i was at school so i coudnt watch the stream so thank you for publishing dis

  • Sofia Canterus
    Sofia Canterus 3 hours ago

    When are u doing another man of medan episode?

  • tewchy
    tewchy 3 hours ago

    Felix has dual 1080 Ti's with an i9 cpu with 64 Gigs of ddr4 ram and a 4tb ssd and hes lagging more than i do on my gt620m laptop lol