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  • Souwa Kusaka
    Souwa Kusaka 2 months ago

    can you give me v bucks please

  • aarrow
    aarrow 3 months ago

    Get bombarded!! potential "fix" for your astro a50 It sounds alot better after he did this... but still considering the $300 price tag.. RIP mic. although its not terrible. So it's up to you if you think this improvement is good enough for you. As for getting the sexy blue yeti. If you wanna go that route are learn about it here you go. first off, yes the a50's work with the blue yeti. you have to do a little extra because.. fail ps4 settings lol here is the original blue yeti audio tech (another huge mic company) bought blue yeti so they hiked up the price by $30 (fuckers.. still worth it though) turns out there is a blue yeti nano looked at review and the audio quality is the same. the only difference besides the size and price is that the mini connects Via mini usb and you loose on two sound modes (which may not matter to you) here is the review i looked at. There you go. what ever you go with... just get better audio bruuh.. its bad xD