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  • Mr. Bounce!
    Mr. Bounce! 4 hours ago

    He basically uses a soft nasal voice but anyways this is one of the best live performances!

  • Marvin Martínez
    Marvin Martínez 4 hours ago

    Greatly thought out questions. Best interview I've seen. Not only asking about violence as everyone else, but researched and expressed with care. Awesome, truly.

  • jacob_ filmmaker
    jacob_ filmmaker 4 hours ago

    I would love to see Kevin and Dwayne in a remake of Twins.

  • Meilenium Tongue Cross

    I thought this was a prank or click bait or something but shiiiiittt its real as fuck

  • Daniel Nemeth
    Daniel Nemeth 4 hours ago

    If your such a great singer you don't need to go on X-factor

  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai 4 hours ago

    This wasn't even a competition. They're just having fun with each other.

  • George Plays GTA
    George Plays GTA 4 hours ago

    the guys mic is too loud

  • Anindya Ghosh
    Anindya Ghosh 4 hours ago

    No one's gonna talk about Harry's smile at 3:18? Ok just me!!

  • Iwipe Myownass
    Iwipe Myownass 4 hours ago

    Just being honest.... Kevin hart is the same size as the rocks rock lol

  • nachowarrior1
    nachowarrior1 4 hours ago

    I love the nod to just hold on we’re going home at the end

  • BN I
    BN I 4 hours ago

    I hope Ella Henderson bring some new tunes out. She’s great live even at such a pace 👊🏾

  • AJ
    AJ 4 hours ago

    STEFFLON is my ting🔥👌😁

  • AJ
    AJ 4 hours ago

    "Oi you sing it bruv"🤣

  • Tina Chase
    Tina Chase 4 hours ago

    After listening to the first line, I just couldn't stop laughing.

  • Valery Maldonado
    Valery Maldonado 5 hours ago

    I love this man, I want hiiiiim!!

  • John Neeson
    John Neeson 5 hours ago

    Hmm!! the crowd......

  • Saddek Med amine
    Saddek Med amine 5 hours ago


  • Saddek Med amine
    Saddek Med amine 5 hours ago


  • agung safaat siagian


  • lipeas1
    lipeas1 5 hours ago

    was david on something? he seemed dazed


    Wondrous production, i enjoy it so much !!! Chief part is 1:07. *I upload 1 twerk, Plsss check it out and say am I good* 💃 💝 💛

  • Star Johnson
    Star Johnson 5 hours ago

    ❤️U Justin t!!! but NO CAN BE MY MICHAEL JACKSON...AND HIS BROTHERS...sorry..stick to the program.

  • Luis Angel
    Luis Angel 5 hours ago

    Bro Idk why I found this part funny asf 7:49 when he starts singing 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 5 hours ago

    This was too british, so many unpopular opinions! What do you wanna do?

  • Fas Fafau
    Fas Fafau 5 hours ago

    Best cover ever

  • Isla Duncan
    Isla Duncan 5 hours ago

    "im going in a cupboard."

  • Batallador1957
    Batallador1957 5 hours ago

    Gracias y saludos cordiales desde Mallorca para vosotros BBC radio 1 😍😍😍

  • FilthyFascist
    FilthyFascist 5 hours ago

    we should try to implement something like this into modern politics, with guns

  • Posture
    Posture 5 hours ago

    I'll always have a crush on Hayley Williams. Btw, If anyone is looking for new music you should check us out! <3

  • Chris Monteleone
    Chris Monteleone 5 hours ago

    Lots of love and pain all in least that's what I feel.....

  • Elizabeth Mar-Venus
    Elizabeth Mar-Venus 6 hours ago

    Billie should do a ballad. It would be so different from her current music

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 hours ago

    very nice interview looked like a lot of fun

  • y u α
    y u α 6 hours ago

    3:13 ~ Jerrie😍😍😍😍

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 6 hours ago

    Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever. Fight me.

  • hdeditor
    hdeditor 6 hours ago

    On Karen is not just drop dead gorgeous but so funny and sweet and Jack Black is a blast anyway. Those 2 together... they should do more movies.

  • CBDM777
    CBDM777 6 hours ago

    Sound it out hahahahaha

  • Manu John
    Manu John 6 hours ago

    this movie isn't Christmas material nor is it funny material.................its just a movie which does not feel like a movie.............a movie but not a movie.............both happening at the same time which puts us in a confused state.................& the saddest part is that people love confusions...............if you don't love confusions then you will never understand this movie

  • Ray Jay
    Ray Jay 6 hours ago

    The fastest human fart would belong to bolts ass

  • DruTube The TubeBunny

    I loved the final season of game of thrones😍🔥

  • nayaraq7
    nayaraq7 6 hours ago

    Y esa era la modelo a la que le dedicó el album... ok¿🙃?

  • DruTube The TubeBunny

    Leo in titanic is hot🔥 But not current Leo😒

  • Arvae
    Arvae 6 hours ago

    best christmas movie? Die Hard. 2nd best one? Die Hard 2

  • LoreenaKlein1
    LoreenaKlein1 7 hours ago

    so i know how to sing "moves me" and that is weird........ i can't help falling in love with demi everyday

  • R K 4422
    R K 4422 7 hours ago

    Thanos vs Deadpool 👌

  • MadeofIce
    MadeofIce 7 hours ago

    Not a fan of her voice

  • Captain ET
    Captain ET 7 hours ago

    Karen played nebula right? So amazing 😍

  • Heima R
    Heima R 7 hours ago


  • Chris
    Chris 7 hours ago

    my god this interviewer is trash. Could he kiss ass any more ? Isn't there meant to be an interview here or just a fanboy sucking up ?

  • Randy
    Randy 7 hours ago

    “If you flick your nipples, they get hard within 3 seconds” *Flicks my nipple and watching my nipple growing in size and in awe* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fishfingers232
    Fishfingers232 7 hours ago

    Cmon she's doctor who and she still rents?!

  • Araayee
    Araayee 7 hours ago

    2019 dec 15

  • David Paddock
    David Paddock 7 hours ago

    Hello there

    KHATE GERONA 8 hours ago

    Why is she sooo embarassed? The song and her voice was great!

  • Debra Jordan
    Debra Jordan 8 hours ago

    What a song. And this is my fave version

  • Cognac Muzik
    Cognac Muzik 8 hours ago

    I’ll stick to the original 🥴

  • Kevin David
    Kevin David 8 hours ago

    One of the worst actresses in Hollywood. She one of those that gets a job based on looks. Now that everyone has seen her naked nobody wants to hire her anymore. The mystery is gone

  • Bruce Bruno
    Bruce Bruno 8 hours ago


  • Matthew Beard
    Matthew Beard 8 hours ago

    Why does jablinski think he's an actor? Make more video game videos jables

  • Spring Flowers
    Spring Flowers 8 hours ago

    I love his laugh!

  • Zhoren Logg
    Zhoren Logg 8 hours ago

    Jack is a great mate but Karen.... My gosh she is freaking adorable and gorgeous: adorgeous

  • wu wei
    wu wei 8 hours ago

    Hannah is my Goddess! Wow!

  • Neon_ one_neo
    Neon_ one_neo 9 hours ago

    8:38 WTF😭😭😭 how did she make that face?:

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson 9 hours ago

    I just want to say, that is they do a comeback and get back together even if it is for one show, one tour, one year. Zayn will Have to do it. and it will be the absolute biggest, fastest sellout tour ever. he would be crazy not to do it. what do you think?

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 9 hours ago

    I don't know her to his 2nd album being about her lol

  • Kadamkie
    Kadamkie 9 hours ago

    Beautiful Voice!

  • Michel Esquieros
    Michel Esquieros 9 hours ago

    I need a collaboration Foals feat. Lykke Li (produced by Mark Ronson) PLEASE!!!

  • OH NO
    OH NO 9 hours ago

    The instrumental of this song is HEAVENLY

  • Cyrixa
    Cyrixa 9 hours ago


  • Indigenous People of BD460

    good blase you

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 9 hours ago

    Whats he keep looking at on his left

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 9 hours ago

    I'm from and live in South Carolina. The girl he wrote about lives close to me and she was on the news here lol

  • Douglas Bell
    Douglas Bell 9 hours ago

    John Boyega is SOOOOO right about Friends

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 9 hours ago

    "It's not on me sista " I YELLED

  • TheBlond2617
    TheBlond2617 9 hours ago

    Mr rock actually has a lovely voice

  • Heidi
    Heidi 9 hours ago

    I’m feeling her moves

  • Derrick Makara
    Derrick Makara 9 hours ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 hours ago

    Fuck this nasty interracial shit.

  • ramit sharma
    ramit sharma 9 hours ago

    I don't like it

  • Paradox_ Dynasty7
    Paradox_ Dynasty7 9 hours ago

    Josh brolin looks like if a dinosaur shit was fossilized

  • DailySongs Radio
    DailySongs Radio 9 hours ago

    Whaat? So it's definitely tru KH does not have balls. 1:36

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 9 hours ago

    I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence,she is funny down to earth and seems like a celebrity you would love to spend the day with,don’t ever turn into a celebrity girl,always stay the sweetheart you are.

  • Sarika Kc
    Sarika Kc 10 hours ago


  • Vultan Hawkman
    Vultan Hawkman 10 hours ago

    Ali Plumb is a proper dude!

  • Vultan Hawkman
    Vultan Hawkman 10 hours ago

    These two are adorable!

  • Serge Savel
    Serge Savel 10 hours ago

    It’s hilarious 😂

  • Adu Adadey
    Adu Adadey 10 hours ago

    She is such a cutie

  • Annie NYC
    Annie NYC 10 hours ago

    She is delightful in every setting. :)

  • Mullah San
    Mullah San 10 hours ago

    I never knew he had an English accent. I'm amazed

  • Kyle Kinsella
    Kyle Kinsella 10 hours ago

    Funny but cringe 🤦🏻‍♂️ I hope they don't think the uk has one universal accent 😂

  • spidermonkey304
    spidermonkey304 10 hours ago

    Use Somebody - covered by Paramore. Search it. Click it. You’re welcome.

  • Victor Ma
    Victor Ma 10 hours ago

    kevin dont have no balls because in the movie at a certain part, it mentioned him not having testicles. Now im not a jerk so aint gonna put no spoilers and i dont want to see anyone else put any spoilers either

  • Fairy Queen
    Fairy Queen 10 hours ago

    They are such dorks 😂😂😂😂

  • Annatherandom
    Annatherandom 10 hours ago

    I just love Emilia so much, I feel like she is the most genuine person ever! She is so happy, and seems to really appreciate the interview. So god damn down to earth it hurts. Can't help but be excited and joyous after watching this.

  • Peter Weir
    Peter Weir 10 hours ago

    Garbage version. This child has not see or understand the song enough to sing it. Don’t ruin it with millennial crap

  • jonatan lacerda
    jonatan lacerda 10 hours ago

    Que música ❤

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith 10 hours ago

    “Do the fuckin caahhhd”

  • Max Dalton
    Max Dalton 10 hours ago

    just beautiful

  • Audrey New
    Audrey New 10 hours ago

    *They are the perfect duo together*

  • ThyGreek
    ThyGreek 11 hours ago

    Black thick spaghetti hair, and a feminazi.

  • guitarman0365
    guitarman0365 11 hours ago

    his first jungle films, Rundown and Journey to the center of the earth 2. First ever film appearance in mummy returns, builds himself a jungle in the desert. Definitely a pattern.