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IFA 2019: What To Expect
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  • morison morison
    morison morison 3 minutes ago

    Sony waste money to present this phone nothing innovative phone i don't know why sony can't be different

  • Myk Dubz
    Myk Dubz 12 minutes ago

    I guess Leica has a good reason to worry from now on.

  • Moosa27
    Moosa27 22 minutes ago

    Uber Platinum is not just for the 1%. I have Platinum status and I am FAAR away from the 1%. I don't even have a car, or home. And I live with a roommate

  • Nagraj Pujar
    Nagraj Pujar 46 minutes ago

    Sir , At present , I am using an iPhone SE . I want to upgrade to either iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max ( color - Gold only ) . Which one should I buy and why ?

  • Sylum
    Sylum Hour ago

    I wasn't planning on upgrading because my two-year-old iPhone X feels fine still but I realized that I can just sell this phone now that it's paid off and get the new one for pretty cheap so I'm looking forward to the upgraded battery life and camera

  • Joe Milosch
    Joe Milosch Hour ago

    I see alot of carpal tunnel thumb syndrome coming. By the way, does Android 10 allow you to see the full root level process list, with killing process capability?

  • Hashem Hashem
    Hashem Hashem Hour ago

    I am okay with 256 gb of storage, but does the Note 10 has a dual sim?

  • Ced 214
    Ced 214 Hour ago

    No mortal kombat 😞

  • Ronnie Lamkin
    Ronnie Lamkin 2 hours ago

    I don’t understand why Apple created this. The 5 inch is a good lightweight machine that’s extra portable while the 11 inch pro is good for serious work on the go. Yes, there’s a big price difference. However, I think most people are going to buy the Air then wish they’d wait and bought the 11 either refurbished or renewed off Amazon or EBay. I think it was made to create a new source of revenue for Apple.

  • Likhan Ghosh
    Likhan Ghosh 2 hours ago

    Sony has the most confusing mobile phone naming process. Xperia 5 this.... Xperia One that. I have no idea what’s flagship, what’s mid-range..... If it wasn’t so baffling I would love to get a Sony phone.

  • Haykguy
    Haykguy 2 hours ago

    0:37 😂😂

  • Sheikhfazloo Rahman
    Sheikhfazloo Rahman 2 hours ago

    Super yarr

  • My Enemy's Enemy
    My Enemy's Enemy 3 hours ago

    Yeah but Yellow or Blue?

  • fordgt402
    fordgt402 3 hours ago

    Best thing with this 'active'gem is that you dont need handphone to use coz its plug n play without registering and opening online accounts nonsense.

  • Amir Zarrinkalam
    Amir Zarrinkalam 3 hours ago

    Wow Hey! There’s iJustine in the background! Hahaha

  • Rizki Purwanto
    Rizki Purwanto 3 hours ago

    Asus ProArt Studio ProBook Xs Pro Max Plus T Pro

  • clark parker
    clark parker 3 hours ago

    The bezels is still thick? Like a borderline lol

  • TK PSW
    TK PSW 4 hours ago

    It's the LESSER device!! Why you have to say otherwise??? Look at that HUGH side-besels, SUPERUGLY.

  • Taha Jasden
    Taha Jasden 4 hours ago

    It's pointless to overclocked it .... Wait for qauntam computers

  • flying fortress
    flying fortress 4 hours ago

    Inspired from Philips shaver. 😂

  • Dean M
    Dean M 5 hours ago

    Gear S3 Classic rules

  • Gor ter-voghormyan
    Gor ter-voghormyan 5 hours ago

    encrypted english lol

  • โดม ท่าพระจันทร์

    Wow.!!!! I like I - Phone 11 Pro Max very much.

  • Marek Kolesar
    Marek Kolesar 6 hours ago

    You are reviewing a concept electric car and you are talking about place for sunglasses and seat cloth fibre? Nothing about the propulsion, drive, batteries?

  • Lucas Kyle
    Lucas Kyle 6 hours ago

    Did anyone see iJustine in the background

  • Hakeem_FaZe
    Hakeem_FaZe 6 hours ago

    I seen ijustine in this video

  • Omega Vladosovich
    Omega Vladosovich 6 hours ago

    2019 - Big Tech is ripping us off. Unless you want to pay the premium for ANC, you don't need it. Many cheap options that have good sound, USB Type C charging and wireless charging. Just pray you don't receive a dud with imbalanced sound, but generally this does not speak for the product's inherent problems (with the exception of Jabra Elite 65t where the problem is widespread).

  • mk
    mk 6 hours ago

    imma jus wait for the 2

  • Louis Vaught
    Louis Vaught 6 hours ago

    This is a really solid video. Grats!

  • Meren Mollier
    Meren Mollier 6 hours ago

    For those commenting about his accent... Get use to it.. it will help you a lot if future.. using internet, technologies, business, literally everything... If you start learning Chinese, even better..

  • Allen Mathew
    Allen Mathew 7 hours ago

    And I thought the verge PC build guide video was crappy

  • Qk9CWU5ib3x
    Qk9CWU5ib3x 7 hours ago


  • MJ EX
    MJ EX 7 hours ago

    Video title: Why is the iPad keyboard so expensive Video: The iPad is $328. If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel

  • Velimir Gilic
    Velimir Gilic 7 hours ago

    Bla bla

  • Bill K
    Bill K 8 hours ago

    I'm 67 and have had my Kicks for 3 months now and love it. Easy for old bones to get in and out of, more than peppy enough for around town and occassional hiway that I do. Great gas mileage. Excellent value for the money!

  • hu jp
    hu jp 8 hours ago


  • Gary
    Gary 8 hours ago

    What a shame.. Steve job would kick all you ass out.

  • Siddhant Shah
    Siddhant Shah 8 hours ago

    2 kidney for apple phone and neabourhood 2 kidney for ape watch series 5 😅

  • Jesus Buelna
    Jesus Buelna 8 hours ago

    iPhone X GANG! The iPhone X is a Legendary phone, I'm here until the wheels fall off!

  • mironyuk
    mironyuk 9 hours ago

    Steve Jobs created an IPod, IPhone, IMac, IPad, ... Tim Cook created, ummm nothing

    • Forte_25s
      Forte_25s 9 hours ago

      mironyuk if you count Apple Watch than ya nothing

  • person who plays mobile game s

    Lol im basically adding the “s” Im getting this tablet. Im upgrading it from my tab 3. S

  • mumbaikan 400077
    mumbaikan 400077 9 hours ago

    Miss you Sony in India

  • LaG
    LaG 9 hours ago

    remove the doors and roof then maybe the bigger sized people could use em. it was made in japan so it was modeled to fit average japanese which is small compared to the world average

  • Joshua Kan
    Joshua Kan 9 hours ago

    The kickstand portion of my keyboard cover does not stick properly after one day of use. Once the glue wears out after one day, it will keeps sliding off because the magnets are not strong enough to maintain the grip on the tablet. Do not buy the keyboard cover.

  • Bohdan Lav
    Bohdan Lav 9 hours ago

    You know, I find that the shoes these Stadia folks wear is definately not what they wear on the daily basis 😂 Edit: I did some research and there was a tennis shoe company in the 1980s called Stadia. I find that odd. Way to name the streaming service after a pair of shoes!

  • Artists Arcade
    Artists Arcade 10 hours ago

    We need more weird and creative things in the gaming industry. But still for 50 dollars more you could get a switch lite

  • El coqui Borincano V
    El coqui Borincano V 10 hours ago


  • Xuanming Yan
    Xuanming Yan 10 hours ago

    Average education level of internet users can be seen from this comments section.

  • Bricu
    Bricu 10 hours ago

    I feel like you saw a gameboy and a jack in a box and decided "these need to be fused"

  • Francis Gilbert
    Francis Gilbert 10 hours ago

    When will apple move from the 12MP camera to a more advanced 16 or 20 Megapixels

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 10 hours ago

    Quality at Apple? Very good, the best!!! Designer? The best too. Material of Tablets&Cellphones? The best too!!! The Logistic, System, Play Store? The biggest Bull Shit!!!

  • Br1aNn88 YT
    Br1aNn88 YT 10 hours ago


  • RCPro Driver
    RCPro Driver 10 hours ago

    find a used power wheels, wire up two 12v batteries for 10mph...same fun for a lot less. wireless app for a 12mph, slow acceleration kart? The only cool thing it had was the "drift kit", aka, hard plastic wheels.

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 10 hours ago

    For what you have Apple, s Play Store? For the Kindergarten?!!!

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 10 hours ago

    iPad Tablets? For what?

  • friedrich nietzsche
    friedrich nietzsche 10 hours ago

    Apple, s Play Store is a bad joke, for very expensive Apple, s Cellphones and Tablets too.

  • Brandon 2SS
    Brandon 2SS 10 hours ago

    0:16 he wore that shirt last year.

  • Pickles -
    Pickles - 10 hours ago

    Who else is watching all the videos because they know there getting the phone Friday?

  • Tony Kong
    Tony Kong 11 hours ago

    I have an XR and I’m upgrading to a iPhone 11 pro Max, just cause I want to treat myself to something I Deserve for my long working hours. Haters can hate I just wanna okay my mobile legends with a faster processor

  • Avin Leuterio
    Avin Leuterio 11 hours ago

    He is questioning all of the good features that a smartwatch can get. Lol. 😂😂😂

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 11 hours ago

    Camera design is ugly, but ppl forgot Pixel 4 has the same camera design... Ppl just bashing Apple..

  • M I C H
    M I C H 12 hours ago

    Apple is the recycling company of the world.

  • Martin Mabulay
    Martin Mabulay 12 hours ago

    What game is he playing?

  • Sweetbrownsuger
    Sweetbrownsuger 12 hours ago

    If this works it will change the world

  • pew pew
    pew pew 12 hours ago

    Its cool, but why wouldn't I just buy a switch mini for 50$ more?

  • The Vlog
    The Vlog 12 hours ago

    Comments are disabled for this video on the apple Chanel... i wonder why

  • ricky v
    ricky v 12 hours ago

    $OLD that is all.

  • kelly billy
    kelly billy 13 hours ago

    This is ugliest phone for 2019. Looks like brain tumour is growing on the back of the phone .

  • Dlncr 29
    Dlncr 29 13 hours ago

    Do we have to buy the game ?

  • Danny Rodriguez
    Danny Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Omgggg IJustine!!!

  • Potato Dog
    Potato Dog 13 hours ago

    1:25 VSCO!

  • Mcflurry
    Mcflurry 14 hours ago

    Make it run doom

  • U V
    U V 14 hours ago

    Next Engadget video: Why don't our videos answer the title question? Stay tuned.

  • freedonx
    freedonx 14 hours ago

    Folks complaining laptops are too expense. They must be new to the world. Laptops 20 years ago were in the same price range and folks still bought them. So there's no excuse. Almost same price range 20 years ago. Tuiton , books, food has gone up...laptop price range, still the same. Stop complaining! No excuses!

    • DAVID Y
      DAVID Y 11 minutes ago

      The laptops mentioned are too expensive for students ....

  • Andinga Tacho
    Andinga Tacho 14 hours ago

    I miss Sony Vita

  • king ternero emperador

    Do you have Those colorful backgrounds ?🥺

  • chad smith
    chad smith 15 hours ago

    Typical LG

  • Tonatiub
    Tonatiub 15 hours ago

    I honestly feel bad for him, he seems like a good person; I dont think it was his intention to backstab his fans as much as she convinced him it was valid criticism that would only improve the game but it ended suffering because of it and now his franchise is dead.

  • rontavius snipes
    rontavius snipes 15 hours ago

    R equals regular.

  • WhatThe Deuce
    WhatThe Deuce 15 hours ago

    The Switch that doesn’t switch Switch

  • Alexander A
    Alexander A 15 hours ago

    A pro phone should be like the Note 10+ where you can highly customize your screen, has a bigger base storage, has extended storage of 1 terabyte, has a customizable camera, and just allows you to have more control over your phone. That is what being a pro device is all about. The iPhone 11 max, is just an upgrade from the xs max. It does not have anything “pro” about it.

  • Pratyush Anand
    Pratyush Anand 15 hours ago

    Biggest game of this generation are online only? Have you heard about God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn,Red Dead Redemption 2 ,The Witcher 3? Online shooters were always there and always had a lot of people playing them. Also it's digital only model is a complete failure. Online only model will not takeover for atleast 6-7 years till broadband penetration improves and data cost is much cheaper.

  • Serb Hack
    Serb Hack 15 hours ago

    Notch -.-

  • Bong Lim
    Bong Lim 16 hours ago

    Nice video review Subscribed

  • Dapeng Cao
    Dapeng Cao 16 hours ago

    Why? Because!

  • lalisa
    lalisa 16 hours ago

    But I saw a Huawei with a 3 cameras before this is nothing new

  • yiou xiao
    yiou xiao 16 hours ago

    I used to be huge Apple products fan. I after watching this and the latest iPhone 11 keynote. I think Apple is still way ahead of Huawei in some ways. For example Cook's English is much much more understandable.

  • William Su
    William Su 16 hours ago

    I bet flat earthers r gonna start saying Google is skewing it's ai to make the images appear the way they do in astrophotography

  • I. Fawzy
    I. Fawzy 17 hours ago

    It's being sold in Egypt for about 120$

    HERROPREASE HERRO 17 hours ago

    Is that a Nintendo switch?

  • Alex V.
    Alex V. 17 hours ago

    Does anyone here got flashbacks of the Ubuntu Phone way of using edges/gestures?

  • Kas Sand
    Kas Sand 17 hours ago

    Do you know if it has a escape key?

  • TurtleTeeth
    TurtleTeeth 17 hours ago

    Damn these lag spikes are getting *cold*

  • Jawad Sarwar
    Jawad Sarwar 17 hours ago

    After the event they should ask questions and audience should ask them most of the questions that we are asking here 😜

  • Hud Pug
    Hud Pug 17 hours ago

    You got a bit wrong there. The BP had two sets of monitors, exactly the same as the SP front and back instead of side and back. the main difference is the inclusion on the SP of blood oxygen level measuring which is, infact underneath ;) I have been using the BP for sometime now, the ugrades and messing about for FDA approval have been annoying. I also do not like the way it removes measurements it thinks are a glitch. It thinks too much. But overall I would not be without it, brilliant watch, the app needs work, the sleep software on the phone is terrible.

  • APM11
    APM11 18 hours ago

    lol!! you triggered my google home and it started playing "fix this" on spotify.

  • CyLo
    CyLo 18 hours ago

    Surprised over quality of this video! Kudos!

  • kelly billy
    kelly billy 18 hours ago

    Why is it so expensive? It is mainly because there is increasing more isheeps than people that are smart with their money. So, apple can milk this isheep as much as they can and if they cannot afford it, then, they prove them with apple credit card .. Can you see how dumb isheeps are ?

  • Chinmoy Bora
    Chinmoy Bora 18 hours ago

    1299$ for a watch 🤗 God give me a third kidney ,please !!